iPhone 6 Rumor Round Up

The iPhone 6 is a largely rumored iDevice set to be shown to the world at Apple’s WWDC in June. The iPhone 6 is largely rumored to feature a bigger screen. Not only that, Apple is said to continue offering to different models of the iPhone. Right now the iPhones are Dubbed iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C. The 6S will feature a 5.5 inch display possibly with a higher PPI and resolution, although there are no ideas for what these numbers would be. The 6S is said to be delayed due to “A problem with batteries” 

The iPhone 5C will feature a 4.7 inch display, a slightly higher resolution, and will possibly have the same design as the iPhone 5C does now, offering a selection of several different colors. If the iPhone takes on the look of the 5C, Apple will most likely make it out of a cheaper plastic. 

Both iPhones are said to have a repositioned power/lock button to make the phone easier to use with such a big display. The volume buttons will also be rectangular. All sources so far are MacRumors and 9to5Mac.

Here are my personal opinions as to what could possibly be in the phones. Both models will see a Touch ID and the same Flash featured in the 5S. They will feature the Lightning cable, and have a bigger battery. The phones will have an A8 processor with an M8 co-processor to process motion without draining battery. iOS 8 is said to be largely focused on health. So the iPhones might see a thermometer, heart rate sensor, and sensors in the camera to detect different important health measures. It would be great for it to detect an oncoming heart attack or fatal happening but I believe that Apple will leave the iWatch to do that.



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